My name is Lui B., the person behind Massage Boss.

I’m a registered  nurse by profession and also once worked as a customer service representative (you know, those folks people yell at over the phone every time they’re having issues with their Internet).

Believe me, I know what it’s like to sit in a chair or stand the whole day. It’s not healthy, and my lower back suffered the hardest blow.

And this is when I started to become a sucker for massage. I frequented massage spas and vending massage chairs in my town, but somehow it was never enough.

I wanted instant relaxation anywhere and anytime. These things, however, can only be achieved by buying massage equipment that oftentimes come with a hefty price tag (think robotic massage chairs).

My search for the best massage chairs and other “relaxation” gadgets was an uphill battle. There were a lot of mistakes, cursing at myself and money wasted all because of my lack of knowledge and experience in choosing the right product.

For this reason, Massage Boss was born.


What is Massage Boss all about?

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Massage Boss offers honest, well-researched and unbiased reviews of the latest massage technology in the US market. As a massage enthusiast, I share with you the passion for deep relaxation at home. Hence, I’ve combined both my experience and knowledge to bring you comprehensive buyer’s guide for every massage-related product imaginable.

However, we’ll not just offer reviews (that’s too boring, to be honest). Through Massage Boss, I will be sharing useful tips, techniques and life hacks for all massage nerds out there. I want it become my “online journal” where I can record every lesson and insight I will pick up along the way as I explore this industry.

Do you have questions or concerns? Do you want to collaborate with me or share your own story? Kindly send me an email at massageboss2016 at gmail dot com and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.


Happy reading!

Lui B., The Massage Boss