Bruntmor Cordless Shiatsu Neck And Back 3D Heat Kneading Massager Review

bruntmor cordless shiatsu neck and back 3d heat kneading massager

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Neck strain or spasm is more sinister than you think. It can affect your productivity at work or school and steal quality time with your family that you can never get back. Not to mention all those sleepless nights that you spend complaining about your neck pain.

It is during these times when you become desperate for fast and effective pain relief. You think weekly massage and chiropractic work will do the trick, but it could mean spending a fortune on things you can easily get at home through a neck massager.

Bruntmor is one of the companies who make these nifty neck and back massagers at an affordable price. Known for producing coffee-related products, the company seems to be exploring the market for massagers now, starting with Bruntmor Cordless Shiatsu Neck And Back 3D Heat Kneading Massager.

So, what makes this product different from other neck massagers with cordless design? Read this comprehensive review to find out.


Who is it for?

People who can benefit the most from this neck massager are those who do a lot of computer work, hunching over their computers for extended periods of time. Tightness or knots in neck muscles are also common among patients recovering from accidents or suffering from specific medical conditions.

Bruntmor Cordless Shiatsu Neck And Back 3D Heat Kneading Massager is a great way to complement or even replace traditional massage therapy. You can use it every day or in between therapy appointments. Unlike other electric neck massagers, this Bruntmor device has a cordless design, meaning it’s equipped with a rechargeable battery you can carry anywhere.

On the other hand, one major design flaw of this neck massager is evident in its wrist/arm supports. While they may work for users who are 5’6″ or shorter, tall people with broad shoulders and longer arms will more likely find them too short and uncomfortable.



*8 deep-kneading massage nodes that reverse rotating direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) every minute. You can also press a button to choose the direction you prefer. The powerful massage nodes can be pressed hard against muscles to relieve tension and knots on neck and other areas of the body such as shoulders, back, butt, thighs, calves, and feet.

*Therapeutic heat revitalizes tired muscles, boost blood circulation, and enhance the relaxing effect of the massagers.

*Rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows you to enjoy the massager anytime and anywhere without the need to plug it in.

*Automatically shuts off after 20 minutes to protect the device from overheating.

*Made with high-quality PU leather. It also comes with color-matching carrying bag for great portability.

Product Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 6 inches |  Product Weight: 4 pounds


The Good.

⊕Comes with 1-year product warranty.

⊕Provides long hours of use with minimum charging. With 2 hours of battery charge time, you can enjoy massage for full 3 hours (without heat) or 2 hours (with heat).

⊕Great portability, thanks to its cordless design. It allows you to enjoy the massage anywhere without being tied to a chair near a power outlet. While it doesn’t come with a car adapter, you can still enjoy this massager while stuck in traffic, provided it’s fully charged.

⊕It can be used either with the battery or while it’s plugged in.

⊕Offers the right amount of heat. It’s slightly above body temperature, but never gets too hot that it burns you. One of the few neck massagers that have decent heat feature.

⊕The massagers felt a bit aggressive and intense at first, but use it regularly and you’ll find your tight muscles start loosening up. Great massage overall.

⊕Versatile enough to be used not only on neck muscles but also on other parts of the body like back, legs, calves, and feet.

The Bad.

⊗No car adapter provided.

⊗The handles or arm supports are not adjustable so taller users with longer arms and broader shoulders may find them uncomfortable to use after a while.

⊗As with other neck massagers, you need to actively grip the handles in  order to get adequate massage. This means you can’t multi-task or do other things, say type in the computer, while using the massager.


The Bottom Line.

Although nothing comes close to a therapist’s massage, Bruntmor Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back 3D Heat Kneading Massager excels in giving us a great alternative. The features and quality of massage are similar to those found in more expensive products, proving that you don’t need to go broke to have your own neck massager.

The main issue I encountered with Bruntmor is the handles or arm supports that seem to be ill-fitting for taller users with longer arms. If the manufacturer can  find a way to modify the design by making the handles adjustable, it can really boost user satisfaction by leaps and bounds.

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