Homedics Shiatsu 2-in-1 Back And Shoulder Massage Cushion Review

homedics shiatsu 2 in 1 back and shoulder massager

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Massage cushions are designed to simulate a therapist’s relaxing strokes. Although nothing can take the place of a human touch, some massage cushions perform better than others in mimicking them.

One great example is the Homedics Shiatsu 2 In 1 Back And Shoulder Massager, a unique massage cushion featuring Technogel massage nodes that are relatively smoother, gentler, and more comfortable than those hard massagers we often see in similar products.

But aside from this fancy technology, what else does it offer that make it worth looking into? Know more about this product in this in-depth review.

Who is it for?

Technogel is like a cushion within a cushion: The gel nodules give a smoother, more comfortable surface to an otherwise hard massage nodes. It’s a feature that those who are thin or with sensitive backs will definitely enjoy.

As a massage cushion, the Homedics Shiatsu 2-In-1 Back And Shoulder Massager is perfect for those in recovery whether from intense workouts or long periods of sitting in front of the computer. This Homedics massage cushion is a great alternative to the rolling pins or tennis balls that often leave users unsatisfied and exhausted.

Save for diabetics who are prohibited from using heated massagers without doctor’s approval, the Homedics Shiatsu Back And Shoulder Massager With Heat is ideal for those suffering from sciatica, lower or upper back pain, and other discomfort affecting the back.

As its name suggests, this massage cushion targets both the back and shoulders. However, those who are less than 6 feet tall will find themselves a bit too short to enjoy the upper shoulder massage. This is easily addressed by putting a few pillows or cushions on the seat to allow your shoulder muscles to get in contact with the massage nodes.



*Technogel massage nodes are coated with gel nodules for a smoother, more natural touch that mimics a massage therapist’s hands.

*Massage nodes offer deep-kneading shiatsu as well as rolling massage that effectively release muscle tension. Three pre-set programs allow you to choose which part of the back you want to be massaged: full back, lower, or upper back.

*Two tracks on the upper section offer rejuvenating massage to hard-to-reach areas in the neck and shoulders.

*Multiple speed settings allow you to adjust how fast the massage nodes work. Choose from low, medium, or high settings.

*Soothing infrared heat can be activated simultaneously with the massage to provide additional relief from muscle pain.

*Straps enable the massage cushion to be easily attached to any sturdy, upright chair in your home or office. Angle between seat and back should ideally be around 80 to 90 degrees for maximum effect.

*Intuitive remote control with options for spot massage and width adjustment (i.e., distance between the massage nodes in the back).

*The unit automatically shuts off after 20 minutes to ensure safety of the user and prevent the device from overheating.


The Good.

⊕Comes with a 2-year limited product warranty.

⊕No complicated assembly required. It comes with a screw located on its back to protect the unit during shipment. You can unlock it using the Allen key provided by the manufacturer. Once it’s done, you can then strap the massage cushion to the chair of your choice, select your preferred settings, and enjoy the massage right away.

⊕Remote control is attached to the massage cushion for easier access.

⊕The power cord is longer than those in other massage cushions, allowing users more freedom to move around.

⊕Technogel massage nodes feel more comfortable than the usual massagers found in other products, making it an ideal choice for skinny users or those with delicate/sensitive back.

⊕Although it’s only intended for use in a sitting position, the Homedics Shiatsu 2 In 1 Back And Shoulder Massager is versatile enough to massage your thighs or gluts.

The Bad.

⊗The massage nodes tend to get caught up in the fabric inside. Although they usually untangle on their own, it’s not the case for other users on Amazon who reported that their massage cushions stopped working due to this issue after a few months or so.

⊗As with other massage cushions, the Homedic 2-in-1 Shiatsu Back And Shoulder Massage Cushion With Technogel is a bit bulky and relatively harder to carry around compared to other smaller, more portable massagers.

⊗The width adjustment feature isn’t available for the neck.

⊗Heat feature doesn’t get warm enough perhaps due to safety concerns.

⊗Not designed for car use due to its standard three pin plug that only works with main power outlet.

⊗If you’re less than 6’0″ tall, you’d need to put some pillows or extra cushions on the seat in order for your shoulder muscles to get an adequate massage from the upper massage nodes.

⊗Noise level can be slightly annoying especially if you’ll be using the massage cushion while watching TV.


The Bottom Line.

The Homedics Shiatsu 2 In 1 Back And Shoulder Massager is a massage cushion with a twist. While other massage cushions have hard massage nodes that dig into the back muscles painfully, this Homedics massager has gel nodules surrounding its massage balls to ensure a more pleasant massage experience.

Although it’s far from being a perfect substitute to a real massage, this Homedics darling is way more efficient than those DIY massagers made of tennis balls or rolling pins. Had it come equipped with a vibrating seat and a feature that allows it to be used in cars, it would have been the massage cushion to beat.


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