Naipo Shiatsu Neck And Full Back Massage Seat Cushion Review

naipo massage cushion review

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The problem with most massage cushions on the market is that they give more love to the user’s back and often neglect the neck area. Not in the case of Naipo Shiatsu Neck And Full Back Massage Seat Cushion.

It’s one of only few products out there that give equal attention to the back and neck. The best part is that the neck massager is height adjustable, meaning you can direct the massage nodes upward or downward to suit your height.

Manufactured by a company based in Gaoxin District in China, this Naipo back massager also has the most number of massage nodes or balls, significantly increasing the overall strength of the massage.

But apart from these wonderful features, what else does it offer? Let’s explore it better with this in-depth review.

Who is it for?

Like the highly rated Gideon massage cushion, the Naipo Shiatsu Neck And Full Back Massager is also equipped with 3D massage nodes that work deeply into tense muscles.

If you love deep tissue massage that relieves muscle pain after long hours of sitting, driving, or working out, this Naipo massage cushion will meet your needs. For thinner users, however, the massage can be too intense that an additional cushion might be needed to dampen the massage intensity.

On the other hand, its terrific neck massager can provide great relief for those with stiff neck and shoulder pain—provided that you have the right height.

Those who are shorter than 5’5”, for example, will only be disappointed that the massage nodes only reach the lower part of their skulls. Although this can be addressed by simply putting a extra pillow on the seat, it can be a hassle for anyone. Those who are taller than 6’3”, meanwhile, will most likely find the massage nodes hitting their shoulder blades instead of the neck.

If you’re buying a massage cushion for the neck massage, the key is to find the product compatible with your height so you won’t need to make adjustments or regret your purchase later on.


*Eight 3D massage nodes that roll up and down on both sides of the spine and provide deep-kneading massage to release muscle tension. It targets the neck, back, waist, and the buttock.

*Optional heat that can be activated along with neck and back massage.

*Neck massage nodes offer effective relief from stiff neck. It also has an adjustable height, achieved by clicking the “UP” or “DOWN” buttons on the remote control. This enables users as short as 5’5” and as tall as 6’3” equal opportunities to enjoy the deep tissue massage on the neck muscles.

*Seat vibration with 3 levels of intensity (low, medium, and high) provides additional relief for the hips and buttocks.

*15-minute auto shut-off timer prevents those who tend to fall asleep during massage from overusing the device and in so doing stops possible injuries. It’s also a preventive measure to keep the Naipo massage cushion in tiptop condition.

Item Weight:16.2 pounds

naipo shiatsu neck and full back massage seat cushion

The Good.

⊕Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year limited product warranty.

⊕The neck massage is really outstanding and is way ahead from those found in other massage cushions, most of which only concetrate on the back. The neck massager also has an adjustable height so you can enjoy the massage regardless if you’re short or tall.

⊕The back and neck massage can be activated simultaneously through the remote control or you can use them separately.

⊕The “Target” mode is the same with the “spot” massage in other massage cushions. It lets you isolate the massage to a specific location or target area in the back.

⊕Safe to use in the car, as long as you put it on the co-pilot seat and not on the driver’s seat. Attaching the Naipo massage cushion on the driver’s seat is both uncomfortable and dangerous.

⊕Very easy to set up. It is also foldable so you can fit it in a suitcase and carry with ease.

⊕Remote control is intuitive and is also tethered to the massage cushion which benefits those who tend to lose things easily.

The Bad.

⊗The shut-off timer is a great safety feature, but it would have been better if the user has an option to extend the time limit to up to 20 minutes.

⊗Relatively heavier than other massage cushions, but one person is enough to carry it.

⊗It has thin fabric covering which makes it a bit uncomfortable to sit in when the massage nodes are not at work. The massage nodes are made of hard plastic that can be painful for your back muscles. It doesn’t function as a lounge chair.

⊗Massage intensity isn’t adjustable.

⊗It only comes with one speed setting.

⊗Not recommended for those who are less than 5’5” or taller than 6’3”.


The Bottom Line.

Naipo Shiatsu Kneading Neck & Shoulder Massager With Heat stands out from other massage cushions because of its impressive neck massage and portable design.

This is great for those who always suffer from stiff neck and for anyone who loves to exercise or spends long hours sitting in front of the computer.

Although it has some height restrictions (which is common among massage cushions), the deep and invigorating massage it delivers more than makes up for it.

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