truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck And Back Massager With Heat Review

trumedic instashiatsu plus neck and back massager with heat

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As much as 86% of Americans have desk jobs. And by “desk” it means majority of us spend most of the day sitting and hunched over the computers.

This doesn’t even include the growing number of work-from-home professionals who are basically tied to their chairs all day to keep with the overwhelming demands of their work.

Although sitting alone isn’t bad for our health, things can take a turn for the worse once poor posture and an unhealthy lifestyle get in the picture. The result is a stiff and sore neck muscle that is one of the leading causes of low productivity at work.

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to get regular massage from the spa or buy those luxury massage chairs you usually see in malls. What regular folks need is something lightweight and portable that can relieve tight knots on their necks wherever they go.

Something like the truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck And Back Massager With Heat.

Made by a New York-based company that specialize in pain management and stress relief products, the truMedic neck massager also boasts a “cordless” design like the Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager With Heat.

But between the two, which one reigns supreme? How does it fare against similar neck and shoulder massagers on the market today? Read on to find out.


Who is it for?

Whether your neck muscle ache is related to exercise or poor sitting posture at work, the truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck And Back Massager With Heat can provide the relief you need. By owning one, you no longer have to buy the more expensive massage chairs that don’t adequately massage the neck area to begin with, or spend your hard-earned money on regular trips to the spa.

The truMedic neck and back massager has a rechargeable battery so you can charge it for a while and use it anywhere you go. This “cordless” design is what separates truMedic from other cheaper neck massagers.

People who will benefit the most from this massager include desk-based workers who spend most of their time in front of the computer; and those who suffer from specific medical conditions like neck injuries, stiff neck, herniated cervical disks, and chronic neck pain, among others.

Aside from neck and shoulders, truMedic is also flexible enough to massage other troublesome areas of the body like the butt and thighs for people with sciatica as well as the scapula and rhomboid areas, just to name a few.



*8 rotating Shiatsu massage nodes dig into your muscles to release tight knots. It has an auto-reverse operation, but you can easily change the direction of the rotation with just one click.

*A rechargeable lithium-ion battery enables you to use the device for up to 20 minutes at a time without plugging it into an outlet. This also gives it great portability, allowing you to bring and use it anywhere you go.

*The 20-minute auto shut-off timer is intended to protect the unit from overheating.

*Flexible design makes it ideal not just for the neck and shoulders but also other areas of the body like the buttocks, hamstrings, legs, lower back, and more.

*Simple control panel has only three buttons for easier use: Heat, On/Off, and the Reverse button for changing the direction of the rotating massage nodes.

*Switchable heat to boost blood circulation and enhance the relaxing experience.

*Built-in wrist supports where you can slip your hands or arms through to either tighten (stronger/deeper massage) or  relax the grip (gentle/light massage).

*A free color-matching carry case.

Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 7.2 x 7.5 inches |  Product Weight: 5 pounds


The Good:

⊕Comes with 1-year warranty plus a 30-day money-back guarantee. To register your product, please go to their website or call truMedic at 888-264-1766.

⊕The device is pretty versatile since you can use it with a fully charged battery (can last up to an hour or so) or while plugged into an electrical outlet.

⊕Provides more targeted neck massage than the bulkier massage cushion or massage chairs. It can also massage other tension spots in the body like the thighs, legs, back, and buttocks.

⊕Although it does give a powerful massage, it doesn’t create any annoying sound/noise.

⊕Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around the neck. It’s also not awkward to use or hold unlike other hand-held massagers.

The Bad:

⊗Heat is nothing to write home about. Although it warms up, it’s barely noticeable. But it’s better to have a gentle heat than none at all.

⊗As with other neck massagers, it’s completely impossible to enjoy the truMedic without using your hands. It doesn’t have velcro straps like massage cushions so you can’t use it while typing or doing something else with your hands.

⊗No car adapter. If you want a neck massager that can easily be charged while you’re in a car, I recommend the Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat.

⊗I wish the wrist straps are adjustable so they can accommodate people with relatively longer arms.


The Bottom Line:

It’s hard to choose between this and Brookstone’s similar cordless device but truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck And Back Massager With Heat wins overall because of its excellent customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee not offered by other brands.

The main issue I have with truMedic is its heat that turned out to be weaker than expected. However, this is an issue that also exists in other neck massagers and therefore didn’t influence the overall product rating.

To pick the winner, it all came down to the nuances of the massage. Fortunately for truMedic, the quality of the massage stands above the competition despite having similar features.

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