Human Touch Reflex4 Foot And Calf Shiatsu Massager Review

Human Touch Reflex4 Foot And Calf Shiatsu Massager Review

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The Human Touch Reflex2 foot and calf massager was such a delight to review that I thought it would have been nicer if the company has an upgraded version of it.

So, when I learned that there’s already a Reflex4 in the market, I was stoked.

Reflex4 is indeed an improved version of the previous model.  But is it really a better version of Reflex2? Or just another “good enough” product that doesn’t live up to most people’s expectations?

Let’s find out…

Download Human Touch Reflex4 Foot And Calf Shiatsu Massager Owner’s Manual

Who is it for?

Apparently, Human Touch Reflex4 foot and calf shiatsu massager is for those who were a bit disappointed with the earlier model.

Choose Reflex4 if you’re looking for an adjustable tilt base so you can rest your calves without worrying about having bad posture; a higher calf massager to accommodate your long legs, and a shiatsu massager similar to the likes of Belmint’s and Homedics.’

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As with Reflex2, this newer model is an ideal equipment to rejuvenate every morning and soothe your aching muscles after a whole day of walking or standing on your feet.

Not only does it provide a quick relief for sore feet, ankles, and feet but also alleviate pain associated with fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, varicose veins, diabetic neuropathy, and stress, among others.

This is not the right massager if you’re not comfortable with massaging your calves or if shiatsu is too strong for your overly sensitive feet.

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*Patented figure-eight technology.

Unlike other foot and calf massagers that tend to push the blood downwards to the foot where they accumulate, Reflex4 has a mechanism to do the opposite.

The leg massager has an “upward, rolling or wave-like motion” that helps the blood return to the heart. The feet and calves, meanwhile, are rejuvenated with fresh, nutrient-rich blood, boosting the healing process.


*CirQlation technology.

Another patented technology from Human Touch, CirQlation is simply a mechanism that uses an advanced 3D robotic system to simulate a real-life human therapist’s massage. Although no massager has accurately imitated human massage, this technology attempts to make it as close to reality as possible.


*Easy Sleeves®.

If one or more people in your family will repeatedly use the massager, don’t fret. Reflex4 has fabric liners called Easy Sleeves that are both removable and washable.


*Reflexology foot massage rollers.

Let your feet enjoy the relaxing benefits of a reflexology-style foot massage. It might not be the same reflexology like the one given by a trained professional, but it’s therapeutic enough especially for your tired sole and heel.

Reflex4 also comes with 4 auto-massage programs: Shiatsu 1, Shiatsu 2, Relax, and Refresh.


*Extended height.

Critics pointed out that Reflex2 has a calf massager that obviously favors people with shorter legs. Human Touch listened, and added more height to Reflex4 for more massage coverage and to accommodate those with longer legs.


*Adjustable tilt. 

Another weak point of Reflex2 was the fixed tilt angle which can potentially cause bad posture for some people. Human Touch took this into consideration and finally released Reflex4 with an adjustable tilt base to match the body’s ergonomics.


*Built-in handle and non-skid floor protectors.

Just like the previous model, Reflex4 also comes with non-skid floor protectors to minimize the noise when moving or using it. It also has a built-in handle to make the device portable despite its weight.


*Product Dimensions: 18 x 17 x 19 inches   |   Item Weight: 27 pounds  |  Calf Massage Dimension: From the bottom of feet, massager rolls up to 13″  |   Bottom Foot Reflexology Roller Dimension: Rollers reach to Men’s shoe size 14.

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The Good.

⊕Massage has a 15-minute time limit to ensure the safety of both the device and the person using it.

⊕Comes with a 1-year limited warranty, functional website, and a California-based customer support team. Note that this is only available in the US and Canada.

⊕Compared with Reflex2, this upgraded foot and calf massager has obviously more features like the adjustable tilt base and the extended height to increase massage coverage on the calves.

The Bad.

⊗No heating function (just like the previous model).

⊗Quite heavier and bulkier than Reflex2 and other foot massagers. Even with an easy-carry, built-in handle, this device remains too bulky and therefore not the most portable massager you can carry in your travels.

⊗Vigorous massage that may turn off people who are not used with deep tissue massage. The massage sequence could have been modified to include phases of more gentle yet rejuvenating massage.


The Bottom Line.

Human Touch knows how to improve their products by listening to their customers’ feedback. The Human Touch Reflex4 foot and calf shiatsu massager is one proof.

But just because it has improved doesn’t mean it’s already perfect. Reflex4 is definitely one of the best foot massagers out there–even better than Reflex2. However, some areas of improvement in the Reflex2 remain visible in this newer model.

So, unless Human Touch comes up with a way to incorporate heating function as well as more customizable massage settings, Reflex4 will remain a ‘slightly better’ version of Reflex 2.

Overall, Reflex4 is an outstanding foot and calf massager that is in a league of its own.


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