Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair Review

Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair

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Inada DreamWave is the massage chair that started it all.

Designed by the world-renowned Toshiyuki Kita, this robotic massage chair blazed a trail in 2008 when it introduced 3D back massage, the DreamWave seat airbag technology, full arm massage and other features that had never been seen or heard before.

One of only few massage chairs completely assembled and engineered in Japan, the Inada DreamWave provides full-body massage like no other. It has 1,2000 square inches of body coverage, more than any other massage chair in the market.

But despite its popularity and the manufacturer’s claim that it’s the best massage chair in the world, DreamWave has few notable flaws every potential buyer should take note of.

This in-depth Inada DreamWave review lets you explore this game-changing massage chair down to its smallest details, arming you with the right knowledge to help you make the best buying decision.

Download Inada DreamWave Massage Chair Owner’s Manual

Who is it for?

The Inada DreamWave Massage Chair (formerly Inada Sogno DreamWave) is one of the more expensive chairs on the market. This is not for budget buyers who are mostly looking for China-made knock-offs. Inada DreamWave, in addition to being made in Japan, offers more features than any other massage chair available today.

While some China-made massage chairs have decent quality, they usually last up to only 10 years and have 2-5% failure rate. In contrast, Japanese massage chairs like Inada typically remain functional even after 15+ years and have less than 1% failure rate.

Inada DreamWave was designed with busy folks in mind. It can remove knots and relieve pain on your back in less than 15 minutes, as opposed to regular spa massage that can eat away up to 90 minutes of your time.

Compared to other high-end massage chairs, Inada DreamWave provides a gentler massage due to its broader rollers. If you want a deeper, more vigorous massage, look for massage chairs with smaller rollers, like the Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair.

Inada DreamWave, and most Japanese massage chairs for that matter, don’t have a zero gravity recline feature. In a nutshell, zero gravity is a recline position wherein your knees are at the level of the heart to distribute your body weight and lift the pressure off your spine, allowing for a more intense massage.

DreamWave also lacks versatility because its leg and foot rest can’t be hidden to make the chair look more like a regular recliner. If this is a feature you’re looking for, I highly suggest the Panasonic MA70  since it has a rotating ottoman which you can adjust if you want it to function like a regular chair/recliner.

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*16 auto-massage programs, which is more than any other massage chair in the industry. These include “Morning” and “Nighttime” programs designed to give revitalizing massage suitable for a specific time of the day. This chair also offers more than 1,000 manual massage combinations.

*Over 1,200 square inches of body coverage, the most comprehensive and largest on the market. This is made possible by the figure-eight motion of the rollers that not only replicate the hand movements in shiatsu massage but also enable the chair to massage more areas of the body.

*Youth session provides gentler massage experience for users who are 14 years old and above. With this feature, Inada recognizes that family members–young and old–have varying massage needs and preferences.

*A sophisticated and patented body scanning technology that locate each user’s unique shiatsu points in order to deliver a customized massage. After the scan, which takes less than a minute, the DreamWave massage chair compares the data with 106 profiles in its memory. It will then apply the settings from the profile that closely matches yours, resulting in a more accurate, personalized experience.

*Four massage rollers that reach all corners of your back–up and down, side to side and forward and backward. Unlike massage chairs with dual rollers, the DreamWave distributes the pressure equally to its quad rollers, leading to a gentler but invigorating massage.

*Built-in heat and vibration complement the action of the rollers and help melt away muscle soreness. The lumbar heat can be best described as mild while the vibration can be turned On/Off and adjusted from high to low intensity.

*Over 100 air cells that provide trigger point massage to the shoulders, hips, calves, and feet. The seat airbags create a swivel motion, allowing the hips and lower back to move from side to side and up and down in a figure-8 motion.

*Cervical Traction Device, or simply the headpiece, which has numerous air cells that massage and provide traction for the neck. This is a great feature that those with persistent neck pain will be thankful for. It also offers compression massage to the trapezius muscles in the shoulders.



*Full arm massage. A total of 20 air cells hug and deliver precise shiatsu massage to the whole of the arms–from the shoulders all the way down to your fingertips.

*Hip and thigh massage. Multiple airbags inflate and deflate to provide stimulating kneading massage to the IlioTibial (IT) band (outer region of the thighs) and move the hip from side to side for a relaxing swivel effect.

*Excellent stretch program that will benefit those with tight or sore lower back muscles. In addition to flexion and extension, this chair also provides a slight rotational pull in the hip, shoulders and the mid-back.

*Leg rest with adjustable length.

*Air pump sound insulation minimizes the noise created by the massage chair, giving the user a more peaceful and calming massage experience.

*Backlit remote control which you can easily store in a pocket on the side of the chair when not in use.

*Although it doesn’t have a zero gravity feature, Inada DreamWave can be reclined to any angle between 120° and 165°. The leg rest angle, meanwhile, can also be adjusted by approximately 90° according to your preference.

*Covered with synthetic leather and is available in 5 colors: Cream, Red, Black, Dark Brown and TruBlack Leather.

*S-track design allows the massage rollers to follow the natural contour of the back. The shorter roller track allows the massage rollers to extend deeper into the buttock area.

Product Dimensions: 82.7 x 36.6 x 47.6 inches |  Weight: 265 pounds.



The Good.

⊕Comes with 3-year limited product warranty that covers parts replacement and in-home service. The latter means the technicians will personally come to your home or office to repair the massage chair, unlike in other companies which require users to bring the massage chair to the nearest service center.

⊕Very effective in loosening up the knots on the back. The neck massage technology is also commendable because it’s the only massage chair that massage and provide traction for the neck.

⊕It has the most number of pre-programmed massage sessions to choose from as well as the largest body massage coverage at 1,200 square inches. This means a more comprehensive and customized massage that meet the needs of different users.

⊕One of only few massage chairs that can accommodate taller people. Inada Dreamwave can fit users up to 6’4″ tall, delivering the same quality of neck and back massage that people with average height enjoy.

⊕Its proprietary neck massage, known as Cervical Traction Device, allows this chair to have a shorter roller track. As a result, the massage rollers can extend deeper into the buttocks, where piriformis and sacral joint pain are commonly experienced.

The Bad.

⊗No zero gravity recline feature.

⊗It’s so huge (and heavy) that it won’t fit through a standard door frame when you want to move it to another place. This may not be ideal for those with a very limited space. It’s not a “wall-hugger” and therefore consumes a lot of space especially when reclined.

⊗Relatively more difficult to assemble than other luxury massage chairs. For best results, avail of white glove service which is usually offered by sellers free of charge. Otherwise, you can simply rely on the user manual or instructional videos on Inada’s website.

⊗No mechanical foot rollers. Foot massage is delivered only through air bags.

⊗This chair doesn’t have a “memory” function or the ability of the chair to remember your preferred massage setting and allow you to use it repeatedly. If you want a high-end massage chair that is capable of “saving” massage settings, I recommend the American-made Luraco massage chair.

⊗DreamWave’s overwhelming list of options and features has a downside. It may take a while before a first-time user to get the hang of it and determine the best settings that suit his needs.

⊗The low humming sound produced by the massage rollers in action can be a bit distracting in a very quiet room. Anyways, you can simply wear a noise-cancelling headphone with music to cope with it.

⊗Putting the remote control in the pocket on the side of the chair is a bit of a hassle. Since it’s hard to reach especially when you’re reclined, you tend to leave the remote on your belly for easier access. A remote control mounted on the arm rest could have been a better choice, ergonomics-wise.


The Bottom Line.

Inada DreamWave may not be the cheapest massage chair, but it will definitely pay for itself in the years to come. Its list of features and massage settings can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it should be expected from a chair at the same price point.

One thing that disappoints me, however, is the absence of “memory” function and zero gravity, which I believe should be present in every luxury massage chair.

Overall, Inada DreamWave excels more than it disappoints. It’s an East-meets-West innovation that delivers Japanese-style massage in a few clicks of a button. And with patented technologies you won’t see in other massage chairs, it definitely lives up to its reputation as the “world’s best massage chair.”


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