OTO Electro-Reflexologist ER-839S Foot Massager Review

oto electro reflexologist er-839s foot massager review

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They say that to stand out in the competition, you have to offer something that others don’t.

At first glance, the OTO Electro Reflexologist ER-839S Foot Massager already gives the impression that it’s not just another cookie-cutter foot massager. It looks expensive and complex. It also offers a unique technology that will intrigue the geek in you: electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

While other foot massagers rely on heat and mechanical rollers, this electro reflexologist foot massager uses low-frequency electro waves.

Sounds scary, I know.

But what exactly does it do and what makes it different from other foot massagers? Read on to find out.

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Who is it for?

Although its name sounds complicated, the way it works is actually simple to understand. This foot reflexology machine uses electro waves (safe, stable and low-frequency) to stimulate muscles and nerve endings on your feet. This action causes the muscles on the leg to contract, pump blood back to heart and basically improve circulation.

As a result, people who use this device experience less pain, numbness, and fluid retention. Anyone who has the said symptoms will greatly benefit from this reflexology machine.

They include those with diabetes, neuropathy, varicose veins, Restless Leg Syndrome, and multiple sclerosis, just to name a few. It also prevents deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which is a result of poor circulation.

However, if you prefer deep-kneading shiatsu-style massage, this is not the foot massager for you. Instead of mechanical massage, this reflexology massager uses electro waves to produce the desired result. It’s literally acupressure, reflexology, and TENS all in one machine.

If you have a delicate medical condition, please consult with your physician first before using this device. Those with a pacemaker, with heart disease or malignant tumor, as well as pregnant women should never use electro-reflexologist foot massager unless recommended by the doctor.

Meanwhile, if you have sprains or torn ligaments, wait for at least 2 to 6 weeks to allow yourself to recover before using this foot massager.



*This 3-in-1 electro-reflexologist foot massager combines electrotherapy, acupuncture and reflexology to provide relief from pain, numbness and swelling of the hands or feet.

*Low-frequency electro waves stimulate muscles, acupressure points, blood vessels and reflex zones on your feet and hands.

*6 TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Neurological Stimulation) electrode pads which you can place on different joints or areas of the body that experience pain. These pads are activated simultaneously with foot pads.

*Foot pads which can accommodate your feet or hands. Electro waves stimulate nerve endings on different reflex points to restore the balance of energy flow (Qi) in the body. Imagine it as robotic reflexology.

*A total of 99 intensity levels to choose from plus 15 scientifically designed wave forms.

*Comfortable tilt angle.

*Dust jacket to protect the device from dirt while in storage.

*LED indicator which shows intensity level and current waveform.

*Remote control to easily adjust/change the settings without the need to bend down.

*Rubber foot pads and lower electrical current to protect the user from electrocution.

Product dimensions: (mm) 340(w) x 390(d) x 150(h)  |  Weight: 2.7kg


The Good.

⊕With 1-year limited product warranty. Company website is accessible. Customer support hotline is also provided.

⊕Provides quick electrotherapy and reflexology on both hands and feet. You can also activate the electrode pads placed on specific parts of your body simultaneously with the foot pads.

⊕One of the few foot massagers that have a remote, allowing you to easily change the settings without actually bending down.

⊕Designed with rubber foot pads and lower electric current to ensure safety of users.

The Bad.

⊗Limited massage action. It doesn’t massage the heels, arches, sides and top of the feet unlike other shiatsu foot massagers.

⊗No heat feature.

⊗Tilt angle is not adjustable.

⊗The control settings are a bit difficult to understand, especially for beginners.


The Bottom Line.

Its hard to deny the high level of skill and dedication involved in creating the OTO Electro Reflexologist ER-839S Foot Massager. Unlike other mechanical foot massagers marketed as “reflexology” products, this one actually delivers, with a detailed explanation to back it up.

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Its design and features are reminiscent of MedMassager, although it should be noted that its features–like the electrode pads–are remarkably innovative. The technology behind this reflexology foot massager is commendable, but still begs the question of how effective it is in relieving foot problems. Perhaps a study can be conducted to verify the manufacturer’s claims and prove the product’s effectiveness.

Overall, I consider this electro-reflexologist foot massager a cut above the rest. It may be lacking in terms of massage action, but its versatility makes this product worth every single cent.


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