TheraCane Vs. Body Back Buddy: The Battle of the Massagers

When choosing the best trigger point massager, people are usually torn between TheraCane and Body Back Buddy. The former is a little bit shorter and is shaped like a shepherd staff, while the latter looks like the letter “S” with its two hooks on both ends.

They also differ in terms of origin. While the Body Back Buddy trigger point massager–which claims to be the original and pioneering product–was invented by a massage therapist, the TheraCane was the brainchild of a patient recovering from a neck surgery.

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Both have exactly the same price on Amazon, with their sales pages rife with promises of a more comfortable life free from tight muscle knots and soreness. But between the two, which trigger point massager delivers more than it promises? Which product provides value for your money and effective relief from muscle pain?

In this battle of TheraCane vs Body Back Buddy, we’ll give you the best insights straight from people who have actually bought and tried the two products. May the best trigger point massager wins!

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back buddy vs theracane

Size & Shape.

Thera Cane massager measures 24″ x 15,” slightly shorter than the Body Back Buddy trigger point massager which is 26.5″ x 16.” This is an important aspect to look into because most people expect to bring these devices along with them during travels.

The two hooks at both ends of the Body Back Buddy can also be cumbersome and consume more space. However, the design is intentional because it provides users with leverage to get the most out of the device. You can attach it to a door jam, strap or belt to help you reach sore spots on your body with minimum effort.

Winner: Thera Cane Massager.


The Knobs.

Knobs are those bulbous or round structures which you press against the tight knots on your body.

While TheraCane has only 6 therapy knobs, the Body Back Buddy raised the ante with its 11 knobs strategically placed throughout its S-shaped body. Two of these knobs, placed in the middle, massage both sides of the spine to relieve low back pain. Another pair with less space between the two knobs is designed to treat neck muscles.

While TheraCane claims they focus more on quality than quantity, a closer look at the knobs of the Body Back Buddy shows it has a clear advantage. Aside from their smaller size which makes it easier for them to penetrate the muscles, the BBB knobs on both ends vary in terms of shape.

While the other knob has a round edge, the one located at the wider curve has a pointed shape. The latter delivers deeper massage on the back, feet and virtually anywhere in your body that needs more intense stimulation.

Winner: Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massager.

body back buddy vs theracane
Face-to-Face: TheraCane (gree) vs. Body Back Buddy (blue). Photo Credit: KBKB via

Ease of Use.

Because of its shape, Thera Cane is relatively easier to maneuver than the Body Back Buddy which has an extra hook. In a Q & A section on Amazon, Thera Cane founder Dan Hennessey even capitalized on this by pointing out that the weight of BBB isn’t evenly distributed on its two hooks, an imbalance that makes the device a bit more difficult to use.

However, the two hooks don’t necessarily put BBB on the losing end. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. The extra curved end makes it easier for the user to get leverage. As I mentioned earlier, you can attach the other hook to a door jam or strap while the knobs on the other end press against the tension spots on your back.

Although the two massagers don’t require technical know-how to operate, the Thera Cane is somewhat easier to use in a sitting position.

Winner: Thera Cane Massager.



It doesn’t take long to notice that Thera Cane massager has more flex than Body Back Buddy. Perhaps it has something to do with their chemical components: Thera Cane is made from fiberglass while BBB is made of high-quality, high-impact glass filled nylon.

Because it’s sturdier, BBB offers a deeper muscle penetration and can relieve tight knots faster and more efficient than Thera Cane.

Winner: Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massager.

thera cane vs body back buddy
Size comparison: TheraCane (green) vs Body Back Buddy (blue). Photo Credit: KBKB via

TheraCane vs Body Back Buddy: The Final Verdict.

In picking a winner, we’ve put more weight on the quality of massage and the overall design of the device. These are crucial factors in achieving user satisfaction.

While TheraCane massager gravitates towards minimalism, it fails to give users a deeper massage experience necessary to release muscle tension and tight knots. The Body Back Buddy trigger point massager has a slight edge over its competition, thanks to its multiple knobs precisely designed to mimic the action of the thumbs and elbows of a therapist.

In addition to that, TheraCane has more flex than BBB, a flaw that speaks volumes to the product’s overall quality. More knobs don’t necessarily means a better product, but in the case of Body Back Buddy, more knobs means better leverage.


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